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Yiorgos Kordakis

The artist uses Polaroid pictures that he scans and enlarges in order to create compositions that have strange colors and blurry shapes, and creates a sense of a dreamy landscape.

Plirofories katalogou Attikis

Dimitris Merantzas

Dimitris Merantzas' work is transpired by his preoccupation with the cinema. His compositions are based on mixed media where painting and photography are interrelated.

No title

Eleni Christodoulou

Through the use of basic colors and designs, which resemble organic materials such as wood, the artist creates images that twist and deconstruct the objects.

Executive Suite

Dimitra Lazaridou

Lazaridou uses photography to link images of the world and particularly of cities with the idea of power and authority. Her relationship with the image is dialectical and serves as a personal shelter.