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A boardroom, a suite, a terrace. Absolutely flawless. Absolutely dreamy. An absolute expression of the heightened aesthetics that is the trademark of the Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel. Their common denominator: the majesty they gaze out upon, the sacred rock of the Acropolis, Athens at their feet, the city center all around. The Acropolis Terrace, with its hardwood deck and marble benches and surrounding small garden replete with fruit trees and Mediterranean shrubs, unfolds the beauty of the city before visitors: the hustle and bustle of the day counterbalanced by an ancient legacy that makes it magical and haunting by night. Complementary to events taking place at the unique Acropolis Terrace venue, a boardroom that is cleverly surrounded by large windows to allow the Parthenon to “invade” the space, as well as a suite, just a breath away from the majestic Acropolis.





Next to the lobby and the popular Cafezoe, three rooms with abundant natural lighting that look onto the elegant hotel entrance area and observe the movement of the city, while their minimalist interiors operate in an exemplary fashion as professional meeting rooms. Contemporary design in spaces that resemble corporate boardrooms offering the advantage of state of the art facilities and amenities within an elegant environment accommodating from 5 to 170 individuals.



At lobby level, with natural lighting by day and atmospheric, indirect lighting and the lights of its host-city by evening, the elegant Aphrodite venue caters for private dinners of up to 460 guests. The venue’s warm wood paneling, plush carpeting, earth tones and relaxing, cozy ambiance welcome guests and offer them a rich array of tastes and flavors from the fine cuisine that the hotel’s kitchens are celebrated for.



A private conference center within the Athenaeum InterContinental conference hotel. Imposing and evocative, adorned with stunning works of art and genuine heirlooms, even its foyer presages its unique atmosphere, ideal for meetings of special importance and prestige. Set around the impressive foyer, with dark wood, marble, leather and atmospheric lighting, are the three meeting spaces, each separate from the next, with a total capacity of 150 individuals. Bathed in natural light, in visual contact with the hustle and bustle of the streets that surround the hotel yet completely soundproofed, these exclusive meeting rooms boast blinds and heavy drapes for complete darkness when required, plush carpeting and lighting that is reminiscent of private high-level professional boardrooms. Yet another of the multitude of Athenaeum Conference Centre meeting room options: the 10-person meeting space, with its large wooden table and comfortable red leather chairs, the “Aquarium”, a 1995 work, walls covered in wood paneling and velvet drapes all create a setting ideal for high-level meetings and agreements.


LEVEL –1 & –2



Each of the meeting spaces located on the hotel’s -1 level have a different aesthetic approach yet all share the same impeccable infrastructure and amenities and can be used independently or in combination. Additionally, they share the common advantage of outstanding lighting and visual contact with the hotel lobby, while the fact that they are linked to the conference rooms located on the lower level and which can accommodate an impressive number of participants – Ballroom I, II, III and the adjacent Vip, Lamda, Omega, Theta, Sigma and Delta- means that they can function in conjunction with each other, allowing for truly large-scale events in both size and importance to take place. Reception areas allow for large banners or posters to be hung, while the space’s trademark, renowned sculptor Takis’ 1979 work entitled “Electromagnetic Sphere” also functions as a backdrop for the projection of event information, including product logos etc.




An interesting blend of art and technological expertise, professional necessity and artistic intervention, the Kappa meeting room is nothing short of inspirational. Catering for dynamic meetings with its genuinely uninhibited decor characterized by splashes of bright reds, greens and blues, it is the venue for gatherings that are anything but ordinary. Kappa can accommodate 15 delegates: a small, creative crowd. Next door, Alpha, Beta, Epsilon and Zeta contrast in their down-to-earth, more subdued ambiance. For long meetings with absolute soundproofing that are interrupted by bright breaks in the reception area with its abundant natural lighting.



Wood, leather and original works of art within an environment that fully reflects the hotel’s interest in creating spaces that offer themselves for demanding, prestigious business meetings. Reception and break areas with natural lighting streaming through the glass roofed atrium whose transparent clarity envelops the hotel’s conference room area, which can also be used for secretarial support or as an exhibition space. In contact with the lobby area, the Ypsilon and Omikron spaces, with their heavy partitions and understated decor, can accommodate up to 390 delegates depending on the nature of the meeting.





In a single word… magnificent. The hotel’s impressive art collection, pieces of which have been carefully selected for the various rooms they adorn, lends an artistic character to these spaces with wood paneling on their walls, shimmering chandeliers and state of the art equipment. The Ballroom is the city of Athens’ largest event venue, devoid of support pillars or other obstacles that hinder freedom of movement, and can be partitioned into 3 smaller, yet still exceptionally roomy spaces. These spaces can function completely independently of one another in terms of equipment and soundproofing, and provide an ideal setting for presentations, fashion shows or even performances. It is the city’s definitive venue for high-end events, with its spacious reception area able to accommodate hundreds of delegates from the unified ballroom and large foyer area containing the “Electromagnetic Sphere” that leads to the three spaces which can also function as an exhibition or enrollment space and is additionally ideal for coffee breaks, light meals or welcome cocktails.



From 26 to 200 individuals, with a theater layout, for business meetings or meals, the three spaces VIP, Lamda and Omega, separate or combined, form a logical continuation of the Ballroom, and are smaller versions of the majesty of the hotel’s grand event venues. The three spaces, characterized by the impressive works of art adorning their walls lending a prestigious, artistic air, their excellent lighting, plush carpeting, first-rate audio-visual capabilities and decorative elements are the ideal choice for a chosen few VIP guests. The flawlessly equipped rooms that lead to the impressive reception area dominated by sculptor Takis’ “Electromagnetic Sphere” are completed with the services rendered by the experienced events department staff, who are always eager to satisfy the needs and expectations of hotel guests with exemplary professionalism.



Continuing on from Ballroom III, rooms Theta, Sigma and Delta, with the deliciously striking work entitled “Spoon Sweets” by artist Kostas Ioannidis. These rooms lend a sweet touch to the otherwise professional environment that prevails, with their pale earth tones a color scheme choice that brightens the space. Elegantly understated with carefully placed lighting and completely soundproof, the rooms are an excellent choice for constructive meetings, gatherings and confidential assemblies of between 14 and 150 individuals, depending on seating layout.